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Today women can take much better care of themselves compared with say a hundred years ago. There’s the internet for a start which gives useful information on many subjects like how to have healthy skin, menopause, the menstrual cycle, vaginal yeast infections, urinary tract infections such as cystitis and thyroid problems. There are also home test kits you can use to detect whether you are definitely pregnant, have high blood pressure, Chlamydia or heart disease.

With so many health problems around, it’s a good idea to find out more about how to deal with them if you’re affected. Topics on alcoholism, addictions, stress and depression for instance are interesting to read. Problems that aren’t so easily detected like heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure also feature on relevant websites.

Thyroid troubles don’t always surface until you are examined and a test is done. Both blood pressure and thyroid problems can be identified by using a great value for money home test kit. Smoking and drinking too much alcohol can also affect your health. Either try to cut down on both or stop altogether. OK it isn’t easy but is do-able. Stay fit and healthy as it’s highly recommended to stay fit and healthy no matter what age you are.

You may have put on a bit of weight, are having hot flushes and feel irritable.

Eating the right types of food, avoiding the foods that are full of fat or sugar and exercising is the way forward. If you’re overweight, try changing your lifestyle. There’s nothing better than watching TV and eating popcorn. However if you’re a couch potato, it’s time to do something about it, it’s never too late. Even a 20 minute walk each day can help your heart tick that little bit faster. This will keep it healthy and free from cholesterol. You’re sure to feel a lot better if you buy a bike and pedal through your neighborhood for just half an hour. Don’t just sit there, get going. You will feel so much better and your family will notice a difference too. If you have young children, take them to the park and kick a ball around. It’s not just a male thing, mums can play football too.

Women's Health test kits at home:-

Test to see if you’re menopausal. To make absolutely sure it’s happening, buy a home test kit. You may have put on a bit of weight, are having hot flushes and feel irritable. These are all signs that you’ve reached the age when your body is changing. It isn’t an illness, more the next stage in your life. Try to keep your mind occupied on other things and distract yourself from the symptoms you are experiencing. Your family may be grown up, you may have grandchildren so enjoy happy days with the little ones. There are also home test kits available to check if you have cystitis too as it’s a very common problem for women. The kits are easy to use and provide results within minutes. It is very important you look after yourself and if you feel good about yourself, it will show. Take time out to enjoy:-

  • Having your hair styled at your local hairdressers
  • Going for a massage - Having a manicure and pedicure
  • Going on a shopping spree, there’s nothing quite like having a good old spend
  • Meeting up with friends for lunch

Above all, stay happy. It can be quite difficult especially if you’re suffering from ill health. "Mind over matter” is a good way to deal with health problems. Be in charge of your own body and don’t let it rule you.

She said, He Said:....."I can hear the roar of women's silence" Thomas Sankara

Women's Health Tests

There is a lot of information on Womens’ Health out there and sifting through it can be confusing. Finding quality information is also important so here are a few great websites and some resources to help you get started.

Resources and Links:

America's Healthiest Superfoods for Women: Health: www.health.com

Depression in Women: Mental Health America: www.mentalhealthamerica.net

Sexual Health: www.ashasexualhealth.org

Menopause: www.ashasexualhealth.org

Statistics: www.cdc.gov

Women's Health America: 24-hour National Women's' Health Hotline at 800-222-4767 or write: Women's Health America, PO Box 259690, Madison, Wisconsin, 53725.

Or check the web site at www.womenshealth.com