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Wearable Health Tech

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Yoga, dance, basketball, sleeping, the gym….what do all of these have in common? They, and the rest of the health and fitness world, are all abuzz with exciting advances in wearable technology. Wearable technology covers not only what’s attached to our bodies but also portable technology that touches the body and that helps our health or fitness by monitoring and testing our bodies. More like extensions of the body. What’s on the market right now is just baby steps towards what is about to become one of the most talked about times in the health sector.

There will be smart clothing such as shoes and tops

Right now we have big watches, armbands and even pumps attached to our body helping us exercise, administer drugs and monitor our health. There is the smartwatch which has a step counter, heart rate monitor, calorie tracker and message notifications. There are diabetes pumps and blood readers and we have sleep sensors and trackers. This is definitely impressive but look out for what’s next.

In the future, your watch will be able to synchronize with certain supermarkets to upload the healthy shopping list for you, upload your medical records, do a home health test, keep training and food logs, and give you advice on what your body needs. There will be smart clothing such as shoes and tops to tell you what is happening with your body as it happens, a smart mat for correcting your yoga position and a smart bandage for diabetics to monitor their blood sugar. These are just the tip of the iceberg.

Wearable Health Tech at Home:-

Apparently statistics show that there are more people purchasing wearables than gym memberships. The wearables market is here and is hitting the streets, and our bodies, with a bang. Doing a test for your health and keeping track from your home or your phone is the new wave. Here are just some that have been introduced or are just about to rock our techno world:

Gymwatch (gymwatch.com) - a band that sends messages to a cellphone and is like a personal trainer that provides feedback via the band on your arm or leg. Smartmat uses pressure sensors to track where you are on the mat and help you get in to the perfect yoga position.

94Fifty is a basketball with a computer inside that counts your baskets and gives you advice on your form Dexcom monitors approximate blood sugar levels by drawing interstitial fluid (not blood) through a needle inserted in a small, waterproof bandage that lasts one week and then you read the data on an iPhone.

Visijax cycling jacket motion-sensing and has a built-in LED turn signal that blinks when you raise your arm up to indicate you're making a turn. There is even work on a small chip that goes over the tooth to monitor levels of various conditions via the salicva. These are but a taste (pardon the pun) of the wearable tech world.

There are companies and startups all over the world researching and investing in their new technologies. Like a sci-fi movie these things seem very far out but they are very, very near. Watch this space.

Wearable Health Tech

Who knew that we would be wearing watches that read our heart rate, bands that measured sleep and gadgets that we strap to ourselves for all other sorts of health and fitness tracking. Everything is only getting smaller, easier to carry on our body and smarter in its technology as each year comes around. Never before have we been more responsible for looking after our own health and never before has it been easier to do so. The world of technology is putting health back in our hands and the future has never looked brighter. For the latest and greatest in Wearable Health Technology check out these sites and articles.

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