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Have you ever googled symptoms you had? Have you done research online about health and certain conditions? You would be one of millions joining in on the web health revolution. Using the internet to determine an illness can be alarming at times. There is even a name for people who do this consistently and it is called Cyberchondria which is “anxiety about everyday symptoms that escalates after browsing the Web”

One of the best things you can do is shift your search site to a reputable and informative health website and not search in everyday search engines for symptoms as a health site will give you more information about common problems such as headaches or flatulence rather than place all of the scary illnesses first. This is to do with general search engines not being able to differentiate the rankings of articles about rare things like tumors as these will commonly rate higher on sites because they are more widely written about. For example, a stomach ache from bowel cancer is more likely to be discussed than a belly ache from eating too much sugar.

There are some online tests that can run through your symptoms with you in the form of a questionnaire. For instance, psychiatric or psychological symptom trackers are for helping to determine whether you have symptoms commonly associated with adult attention deficit disorder (ADHD/ADD), , Adult or Child (ADHD/ADD)Screening Test, anxiety, autism, bipolar, mania, depression, eating disorder, Obsessive Compulsive disorder, Post-traumatic stress disorder and any other mental issue. However, they are not a replacement for a psychiatrist or a psychologist.

Common assessments like a “symptom checker” will suggest possible conditions with the same symptoms. Each symptom you provide will narrow the search down. It is important to remember that these online tests do not give you a diagnosis and it is advised to go to your health professional to diagnose any conditions. The list is just a possible list of conditions that can explain certain symptoms and you should discuss these with your doctor. The online results are also not listed in order of what you might have either so it is best not to jump to conclusions and be sure to seek professional advice.

The Online Test at Home:-

Tests are now so accessible on the worldwide web that there is a test for just about everything. There are personality tests for personal traits, luminosity tests for memory, IQ tests, language tests, relationship tests, Emotional Intelligence tests, career tests, what-pet-suits-you-the-best tests and health tests! It seems there is a test for everything online. Candidates logging in from home to complete a test as part of a health assessment for a work interview, a patient filling in a health questionnaire for a possible condition and students sitting their school fitness exams online are participating in a future that once we only dreamed about.

The internet brought with it many revolutionary changes connecting us with each other in all parts of the world so that now we can plug in, connect and test away.

 She Said He Said …."It is up to each person to recognize his or her true preferences." Isabel Briggs Myers

Online Test

Online Testing is used for many different types of condition diagnosing and very commonly for psychology testing. You may have done an online test for a job you were going for or just as a fun quiz to see what type of personality you might be but these tests can also be very in depth and are designed for psychiatrists, psychologist, adult and juvenile courts, clinicians, hospital staff, counselors, substance abuse counselors, domestic violence offender assessors, DUI/DWI offender programs, and mental health professionals.

These test results can be used in courts, probation departments, diversion programs and even correctional centers (jails, detention, prisons and penitentiaries). Check out some of the resources below to see what types of online testing facilities there are and what online tests involve.

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The Myers & Briggs Foundation: www.myersbriggs.org

Various Psychology Tests: www.psychologytoday.com