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Biometric Test

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A biometric screening is most commonly used when a company wishes to devise or administer a wellness program. There can be different reasons for applying the program but it helps to monitor and improve employee health. Promoting health promotion is the main focus for health consultants and fitness trainers but it is also important for them to analyze overall data so they have a more scientific outcome.

Other testing may be included like mental aptitude, a fitness test or an Echocardiogram...

Biometric screening has many parts to it. When someone has all of their health information, it is easier for them to make healthier decisions more long term. A biometric test is what a lot of employers and corporations use for their health and wellness programs or when they need to have a physical done on their employees for work safety. Nobody wants to be unhealthy or have a medical condition and a biometric test can help employer and employees alike. These screenings show information on current and possible future medical problems.

The Biometric Test at Home:-

Checking for conditions and diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and hypertension, and can provide a way to prevent disease and improve health. Various things that a biometric test involve are:-

  • Lipid profiles (LDL, HDL, Total Cholesterol, Triglycerides) Having a test show high cholesterol can identify an underlying health problem and help you change your diet and lifestyle. Triglyceride levels will provide a look at your overall health
  • Blood Glucose High glucose levels can show a precursor for diabetes and low blood glucose can cause fainting or dizzy spells and if untreated can lead to coma or death
  • Cotinine Is a metabolite produced from ingesting nicotine and so can identify smokers
  • Blood Pressure A high blood pressure can lead to heart attack and stroke
  • Body Composition (weight, height, body fat, BMI and waist circumference) Assessing these can help an employer or employee find out if they are overweight
  • Thyroid (TSH) and Prostate Cancer (PSA) Prostate cancer has advanced treatments now. The thyroid is responsible for your whole endocrine system as can be overactive (hyperthyroidism) or underactive (hypothyroidism)
  • HbA1c Measures the hemoglobin found in blood and carries oxygen around your body. High levels indicate high blood sugar and precursor to diabetes.
  • Pulmonary Function this involves a lung capacity test to check on your respiratory system
  • Bone Density Indicates your risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures.
  • Extracellular & Intracellular Water Weight Think saliva, sweat, urine, blood and tears. This also needs to be at a healthy level Percentage of Body Fat (PBF) This is difficult to calculate sometimes but should be at a healthy level
  • Skin Cancer Metric Test Body exam for any spots or lesions that may be cancerous or have the potential to become so
  • Metabolic basal rate This will change with age and a low means you have to do more exercise
  • Segmental lean This test is to show what each body part weighs

Other testing may be included like mental aptitude, a fitness test or an Echocardiogram for the heart. It really depends on what the company may be hiring for, what wellness program they are putting together or what your health physician decides you need for a general health check or biometric test.

Biometric Test

A biometric screening or test is an important part of a comprehensive health and wellness program for a company and its employees as it helps the company understand who is working for them and if they have extra needs or even if the whole company needs a different health plan. It all sounds scary when asked to do a biometric test however it is quite a simple procedure and also a good time to take stock of where you are at with your own health values and what your lifestyle is like. Here is some more information and interesting reading to help you understand the biometric test better and what is expected of you.

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