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Why have a test for Trichomoniasis? Trichomoniasis is an STD, a sexually transmitted disease that is caused by a parasite being passed from person to person during sex. It can also be picked up from contact with moist, damp things like wet clothing, toilet seats or even towels. It’s a germ which is similar to bacteria and infects the vagina and urethra in women. It also infects the urethra and often the prostate gland in men. The parasite doesn’t usually go any further into the body making Trichomoniasis not as serious as other STDs. To make sure exactly what is going on, why not try a Trichomoniasis home test kit? This will give you the option to see whether or not you have in fact got this infection. Ideally, you need access to fast & easy urine STD test kits online for at home DIY diagnosis of Trichomoniasis (in both men & women) for what is a pesky sexually transmitted infection....see below.

Remember it’s highly recommended both you and your partner do a test. If one has the infection, it’s sure to pass on to the other and vice versa. Make sure to use a latex condom each and every time you have sex to prevent spreading Trichomoniasis or abstain from sex. Trichomoniasis is curable. However if you do have sex with a person who has this infection, you can catch it again. Having untreated Trichomoniasis increases your risk of developing HIV if you are sexually active with a partner who is infected with HIV. It’s better to be safe rather than sorry. If you have any concerns or worries, buy a Trichomoniasis home test kit soon via the net. Kits are discreet and can be used in the privacy of your own home, so no-one else will ever know. Test kits are affordable and very easy to use by following the step-by-step instructions. Above all, tell your partner if you have this infection.

Trichomoniasis Tests For What Signs & Symptoms?

If you think you may have Trichomoniasis you might have noticed:- 

  • A green, yellow or gray discharge from your vagina 
  • A strong odor from your genital area 
  • Pain when having intercourse and urination 
  • Irritation in the genital area 
  • Itching and pain in your lower abdomen

...if you do have sex with a person who has this infection, you can catch it again.

Trichomoniasis is considered the most common curable STD in the United States. Left undetected, Trichomoniasis may clear away itself, however this could take many weeks and there is no guarantee it will disappear. Check yourself out with a home test kit first to see if you have Trichomoniasis, then seek treatment. You should stop drinking alcohol when being treated for Trichomoniasis and sexual intercourse should definitely be abstained from.

The Trichomoniasis Test at Home:-

 If you think you might have Trichomoniasis, a home test kit will let you know one way or the other. Some features of the Trichomoniasis home test kit are:-

  • The test can be carried out with a simple swab in less than five minutes
  • There are instructions of how to collect your sample
  • Results are fast and accurate


Trichomoniasis (T vaginalis) is one of the most common STDs in the United States and worldwide and affects both men and women. Most people present asymptomatic which means their symptoms go mostly unnoticed. Research has shown that infection with Trichomoniasis increases the risk of HIV transmission in both men and women. You should get tested if there is a possibility you may have contracted Trichomoniasis through sexual activity with a new partner or someone who has had different partners.  To find out more about the diagnosis, treatment and facts for Trichomoniasis, here are some links and resources for you.

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