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Chlamydia, or "the Clam", is a common STD that can be cured quite easily but if left untreated, can make getting pregnant difficult. It can affect men and women causing serious damage especially to a woman’s reproductive system. Chlamydia can also be the cause of ectopic pregnancies which can end fatally. Don’t leave it to chance if you think you or your partner may be infected, do something about it quickly and have a chlamydia test.

All it takes to find out if you have this disease is a urine test

If you’re worried that you may have Chlamydia or have had this STD in the past, (a note of interest is that you can get Chlamydia any time you have unprotected sex) why not invest in a home test kit? Did you know you can even pass on this disease to your baby while giving birth? Reducing the risks of Chlamydia is very important by:-

  • Staying in a long term monogamous relationship
  • Making sure your partner has been tested
  • Using condoms

It’s essential to take care when having sex as Chlamydia can be passed from one person to another quite easily. If you are in a new relationship it’s better to be upfront and ask if your partner has been tested for Chlamydia recently. Gay, bisexual men and pregnant women should also test themselves regularly. Although Chlamydia has no symptoms at first, they could appear several weeks after having sex with someone who is infected. Women may experience an abnormal vaginal discharge or a burning sensation when going to the toilet. Men may have a discharge from their penis, also a burning sensation when urinating or pain and swelling in their testicles.

The Chlamydia test at Home:-

All it takes to find out if you have this disease is a urine test which you can carry out at home using a Chlamydia home test kit. If Chlamydia isn’t treated quickly it can result in very serious health problems. Women with Chlamydia may find the disease has spread to their uterus and fallopian tubes which in turn causes pelvic inflammatory diseases. It may be difficult to have a baby so make sure to do a home test if you have any worries. 

It can be very embarrassing making an appointment to see your doctor if you think you have Chlamydia. Thankfully home test kits are available to order via the net, are very easy to use and effective too. All you need to do is provide a urine sample or vaginal swab sample and wait for the results. You can track your sample and will be notified by phone or text of the result. The sample will be analyzed using the latest diagnostic techniques to see if the Chlamydia bacteria are present in your sample. Whether you have tested positive or negative, you won’t have long to wait before you receive the results. 


Chlamydia affects approximately 2 million people in the U.S. today. Symptoms can go largely unnoticed by both men and women so it is important to get tested if there is a possibility you may have caught chlamydia through sexual activity with a new partner or someone who has had different partners.  Chlamydia occurs from bacteria and is the most reported STD in the United States. If left untreated in can cause infertility, inflammatory diseases and ectopic pregnancies in women. To find out more about the diagnosis, treatment and facts for Chlamydia, here are some links and resources for you.

What is Chlamydia? Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: www.cdc.gov

Screening, diagnosis and management: American Family Physician: www.aafp.org

Find a testing location and health center: www.plannedparenthood.org 

Finding help and support: www.webmd.com