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Having a test for a thyroid condition is becoming more common place. Thyroid disorders are not so rare among individuals, so everyone should be aware of its possible menace, even celebrities like Oprah Winfrey have been reported to come down with this condition...so no one is left out! The thyroid contains hormones secreted by a butterfly-shaped organ called the thyroid gland. This thyroid gland is found in the lower portion of the neck, just beneath the Adam’s apple.

Abnormal thyroid levels results from a number of other related conditions. Experiencing any of the under listed symptoms doesn’t certify that you are battling with any form of thyroid disease, but when you discover many of these are persistent then maybe it’s time for you to pick up a thyroid test kit and get adequate monitoring of your thyroid levels. 

 The thyroid gland is very crucial to an individual’s well-being; it influences nearly all metabolic processes that takes place in the body

Hyperthyroidism- Weight loss, increased heart rate, heart palpitations, raised blood pressure, nervousness, numerous bowel movements, diarrhea, Muscle weakness, quaking hands, goiter (inflammation in the neck), brief menstrual periods.

Hypothyroidism- fatigue, depression, lower heart rate, increased sensitivity to cold, deadness in the hand, goiter (inflammation in the neck), Constipation, full menstrual periods, dehydrated skin.

The thyroid gland is very crucial to an individual’s well-being; it influences nearly all metabolic processes that takes place in the body. Thyroid disorders can vary from a harmless inflamed gland (goiter) to thyroid cancer which is severe with the most common of the disorders being abnormal thyroid levels in the body. In some individuals, thyroid levels can either be underactive (eventually developing hypothyroidism) or overactive (leading to hyperthyroidism) than what is normally required by the body.

Situations like this should give an individual a cause for concern because such thyroid levels could be a sign that you have a possible thyroid condition. The good news is that majority of these thyroid conditions can be managed effectively if adequately diagnosed and treated. So the key is prompt and accurate diagnosis! Early detection of an abnormal thyroid level is very vital, and this can be made possible with the use of test kits. The availability of thyroid home test kits makes things a lot easier as you do not have to visit the clinic always to keep off the track of getting down with severe thyroid disorder. Test kits have proven to be effective in ensuring that disorder do not go beyond the point of control.

The Thyroid test at home:-

Test kits are more important for already diagnosed thyroid patients as you do not need to opt in and out of a clinic to be sure your thyroid level is within the normal range. The most common home test is a Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) Test which is performed by taking a small blood sample with a finger-stick and placing it the panel provided. This can then be sent to the lab.

Thyroid home test kits now come with guaranteed accuracy, are safe and easy to use and results will be returned in just days from a nationally accredited laboratory. These tests can detect the production level of thyroid hormones whether the thyroid hormone is typical, overproduced, or under produced. There are many treatments available for thyroid conditions now and usually involve medication to balance your thyroid levels. It is worth getting a kit and testing to see if your underlying health problems may be caused by your thyroid. Get a kit today!


Some people often don’t realize they have a thyroid problem. It pays to be tested just to make sure all is well with your thyroid gland. If you have been diagnosed with an underactive or overactive thyroid gland, you should certainly seek medical assistance at the earliest possible convenience. Thyroid issues can be treated quickly with pills so there’s no need to worry or be too concerned.

Home test kits have proven to be of enormous help when monitoring the thyroid gland.Read on to find out about these kits and why you shouldn’t delay in visiting your physician to be checked out.  Don’t take any risks regarding your thyroid gland, it could lead to health complications.


The internet provides many websites that sell home tests for thyroid problems. The more you search online, the more you may become confused about the right test for you. It cannot be stressed enough that it’s important to be sure thyroid levels are within the normal range, not high or low.

Home Tests – home test kits provide assurance to individuals who have been diagnosed with thyroid problems. A small blood sample with a finger stick is placed on a panel which is enclosed in the kit and then sent off to a lab in a prepaid envelope. Take a look here for further info.

Physician Tests – your doctor or health specialist can also test your blood for any thyroid issues then provide you with the right medical help required. here is more info.

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