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Kryptopyrrole Pyroluria KPU

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When it comes to illnesses and disorders, there are many, many potential things that we could suffer from. Yet, it’s not so much the well-known illnesses which can be a source of problems, because everyone knows what to look out for and what to do about the problems that arise. Things like Kryptopyrrole Pyroluria KPU can be just as debilitating, but the information and tests out there are limited, and the solutions are less well known.

What is Kryptopyrrole Pyroluria KPU (KP)?

Pyroluria is known by many names, including Kryptopyrrole, Pyrroluria, Pyrrole Disorder, Mauve Factor and Hemepyrrole and Kryptopyrroluria. Essentially, it is a disorder which affects the haemoglobin within a person’s red blood cells, causing them to produce far too many Pyrroles – a waste product of the oxygen synthesis process. 

Everyone creates Pyrroles, everyone breathes, and everyone has hemoglobin, and so it’s not a surprise that some people have a disorder which causes this process to work less efficiently than it should. However, after all of this technical talk and the Latin names, you’re probably wondering exactly what KP is and how it affects those who have it.

Exercise will mean that your blood flow will increase..

What are the symptoms of Kryptopyrrole Pyroluria KPU?

Essentially, KP inhibits the absorption of zinc, biotin and Omega 6. This can manifest in many ways, including but not limited to: headaches, poor skin, hair and fingernails, acne and allergic reactions, nervousness and motion-related sicknesses. This wide range is due to the fact that it is a disease that affects the circulation of blood, which – you guessed it – circulates around every part of your body, delivering the needed oxygen and nutrients and taking away waste products, such as Pyrroles. If these waste products can’t be taken away, then they will accumulate wherever they might be. Hence the wide range of problems.

For KP in particular, you should consider taking a test if any of these symptoms manifest:

  • If you have a much lighter skin tone than the rest of your family.
  • If you suffer from eczema, acne or herpes.
  • If your hair on your head, eyelashes and eyebrows is weak.
  • If your tooth enamel and skin appear to be thinner than they should be.

The Kryptopyryde Pyroluria test at Home:-

The Pyroluria Test can be ordered online and will tell you if you have a high level of pyrroles which stop vitamin B6, zinc and biotin doing their jobs required for a healthy body. With the Pyroluria Test results you can then make lifestyle and dietary changes to help fix this condition. You should test to know if pyrroles are a likely cause of your health problems. The Pyroluria Test is extremely accurate due and is tested via a urine sample you provide. This sample is "frozen" overnight using a preservative before you send it off to the lab with a prepaid envelope.

Studies suggest that KP occurs in people who have a genetic predisposition towards it. Unfortunately, you’re stuck with your genes! However, there are things that you can do to help alleviate your suffering. Firstly, whilst KP is a genetic-predisposition, it still manifests mostly due to poor dietary habits. So, the first step is to get your diet and lifestyle in order. Exercise will mean that your blood flow will increase, and this means that healthier blood flow will help get rid of excess waste products. A new diet rich in the minerals and vitamins we mentioned above will help. You can also supplement that with vitamin pills if you still feel the need.

Kryptopyrrole Pyroluria KPU

A wide range of problems can result from Kryptopyryde Pyroluria KPU. Headaches, nervousness along with poor hair, fingernails and skin are some of the symptoms when you suffer from this debilitating disease. Thankfully there are home test kits available to buy online to find out if you have got this red cell blood disorder. Finding the right product to help with this problem can be a little mind blowing, however there’s plenty of help, advice and great quality products on the internet. You can also read interesting and useful links, resources and find plenty of support too via the net.


Some disorders have plenty of info to learn about however can often be daunting with their very long words and meanings. Don’t worry, home test kits are a straightforward way to see if the body works less efficiently than it should.

Home testing – you will be pleased to learn you don’t have to go to a health clinic. A home test kit is accurate and uses a urine sample that you provide. The sample is frozen using a preservative, found in the kit, before sending it off to the lab. For more info about home testing take a look at https://hometests.com/personal-health-tests/kryptopyryde-pyroluria-kpu.html

Physician tests – tests at your physician’s surgery are exactly the same as a home test kit. Your doctor may suggest changing your lifestyle and diet to make your blood healthier and get rid of surplus waste products. Try a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. https://pyroluriatesting.com/