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Body PH Balance

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Like anything, your own body has a pH level, and ideally it should be within a fairly precise range. An at home body pH test quickly and easily tests what your body’s pH level is at the time of the test to ensure it is within a health range - not too low indicating it is alkaline nor too high indicating acidity. Any of your body fluids can be used to test your pH, however saliva is used most commonly because it is considered to give the most consistent and effective test results.

The importance of doing a pH (Power of Hydrogen) test of your body’s pH is not to be underestimated. Our bodies live and die at a cellular level. Our pH levels are fundamental to our metabolism, breathing, sleeping, and pain control. The billions of cells in our bodies must maintain the right pH. The pH range goes from 1-14, where 1 is highly acidic and 14 is highly alkaline. A neutral and alkaline (good) pH is 7.4. Once it starts to fell below this the body starts to become acidic (bad). This is when disease can start to affect the body. Bad bacteria, viruses and mold can flourish in this environment.

Balancing your PH is not a prevention or cure for major diseases...

If we have too much acid in our system, our bodies will store the surplus in our fat cells. It will even make more fat cells to do this for the body’s protection by saving the vital organs from damage. But only for so long. As the acidity level keeps getting higher, it starts to deplete calcium and then affects other areas of the body. All of this is why if you bring your body back to an alkaline state, it will not only make you healthier but help you lose unwanted fat. Many conditions and diseases have this one basic element in common, out of range pH levels. Here are how some affect our digestive system.

  • Indigestion
  • Nausea
  • Bloating
  • Gastric reflux

The pancreas can become worn out if it does not receive alkaline minerals from healthy foods and then loses its ability to tell the body what to do with food. This leads to inflammation and illness of the organs.

Balancing your PH is not a prevention or cure for major diseases or osteoporosis however acidic environments are breeding grounds for bad bacteria and a highly acidic system can cause inflammation so it is best for you to eat a lot of vegetables, sufficient amounts of protein, vitamin D sources, and plenty of calcium-rich foods. 

pH testing dates back to 1909 when it was first introduced and studied by Danish chemist Soren Peder Lauritz Sorensen at the Carlsberg Laboratory who would not have known then the popularity it would receive among naturopaths and very recently by celebrities who swear by testing their pH levels.

The pH test at home:-

Testing your body’s pH balance is simple. You can buy a test kit in either saliva or urine testing format.

The Saliva test

If you are testing with a saliva test kit, it is a good idea to test 1 to 2 hours after you eat. Do not wash your mouth before testing as this will only test what you have washed your mouth with (water, mouthwash).

The Urine test

If you are testing with urine, try to test the ‘midstream’ urine. This will give you the best reading. If you can do these tests 2 to 3 times in one day, it will give you an average of your PH which is best to go by.

He Said She Said'The germ is nothing, the terrain is everything.' Scientist, Antoine Béchamp

Body PH Balance

You don’t have to measure your body pH every day but it’s a good idea to keep a record and monitor it over a period of time. Testing your body pH will provide you with a sense of whether your body is well balanced and your alkaline levels are OK. You can buy pH test kits online which come complete with step-by-step instructions of how to use them. Check out the following tests available and some resources to give you a better idea of how to monitor pH levels. There’s also plenty of support should you have any queries or concerns about body pH balance.


Finding a suitable pH test kit online may be a little daunting as there are so many different products to choose from. Take a look at the different platforms you can use for testing body pH balance.

Home Tests – body pH balance testing is quite simple and can be done in your own home. You can test for body pH balance either with urine or saliva, it’s entirely up to you. Once the test paper is moisturized it will take on a color relating to your body pH balance level. Why not read more useful information here

Physician Tests – you can also be tested for body pH balance at your local doctor’s surgery using the same method as home test kits. They will match the color on your test strip against a chart for a high or low reading. here

Resources and Links:

Cancer and Acid-Base Balance:  American Institute for Cancer Research www.preventcancer.aicr.org

Results and outcomes of an Alkaline diet: The National Center for Biotechnology Information www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov