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Concerned you don’t feel as fit as you should? Do something about it before it’s too late. If you feel fairly fit but would like to know how your performance and fitness really measure up, buy a home test kit. Test kits can provide info about your:-

  • Agility
  • Strength
  • Upper and lower body power
  • Speed 

'why not monitor yourself'

Flexibility Knowing what your performance and fitness levels are, can be good for your health. Maybe you’re feeling a bit breathless when out walking or running. Don’t worry lung capacity tests can check:-

  • How well your lungs are working
  • How much air they can hold
  • How well they put oxygen into your lungs and remove carbon dioxide -
  • How quickly you can take air in and out of your lungs

The Performance and Fitness Test at Home:-

To start testing yourself how about using a FitBit watch? This is the ultimate fitness watch that can check your heart rate, how many steps you walk or run and the calories you burn. Alternatively there’s the innovative Apple Watch. This magnificent data collecting tool has a sensor that uses visible light LEDs and photodiodes to keep track of your heart rate during sessions at the gym or when out jogging. It’s a type of home test kit that provides you with pics of your daily activity along with making suggestions of how to achieve your goals.

Any kind of problem can be identified with a urine pH test. Try to maintain a constant body pH so if it deviates you can use a home test kit. A high alkaline urine result could mean you have:-

1. Chronic renal failure

2. Urinary tract obstruction

3. Pyloric obstruction

4. Respiratory disease

A high acidic urine pH means you may have:- -

  • Diarrhea 
  • Uncontrolled diabetes 
  • Dehydration and starvation 
  • Respiratory disease 
  • Acidosis

Buying home tests kits to ensure your performance and fitness levels are a good idea. It’s the best way to put your mind at ease regarding fitness. Kits are cost-effective and worth buying. They provide a good way to make sure you stay fit and healthy. Reasons to test yourself Fitness testing can help to reveal your strengths and weaknesses. It also enables training programs and techniques that you should maintain to suit your specific needs.

Taking a home test for performance and fitness regularly can also provide feedback on the effectiveness of the program you’re taking part in. Set goals for yourself that will push you to your limit. Learn more about your body and its capabilities by testing to see if you have any health problems. Buy a performance and fitness home test kit online. There are fantastic performance and fitness home test kits available to buy via the net. They offer:-

  • Easy to use instructions and detailed diagrams
  • Results in a matter of minutes
  • An innovative way to stay fit 
  • Ways to improve your overall performance and fitness levels

If you’re seeking complete body transformation, performance and fitness testing ticks all the right boxes. There are many reasons why people like to train and keep fit. Some like to stay lean and have less body mass while others enjoy being able to perform in a particular sport or activity. Achieving success in any type of sport can be extremely rewarding, so why not monitor yourself with a performance and fitness home test kit? Check out your heart rate, weight, body mass and whether you’re sticking to your training schedule or not. It’s easy to keep of how you’re doing by regularly using performance and fitness test kits.

Performance & Fitness Tests

Getting fit is an obsession for some, some people’s occupation and just plain terrifying for others! Or you can be somewhere in between all of those. There is quite a health revolution going on in the world with fitness vloggers and bloggers and instagrammers and tweeters…how do we get through all of the information we get bombarded with every day? Well, we power on through it. For a breather, here are some FUN fitness and performance links and resources for further reading on what’s available out there and what can help you live a more active life!

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