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The testosterone test serves more than one purpose! Male hormones if not balanced correctly can cause you to store too much fat and eat too much even when you’re full. Men are not immune from diabetes, leading an active sex life or being unable to sleep. Hormones are out there and your life can be turned upside down at any time. Hormones release glucose and fat into your blood which in turn gives you more energy. If you’re feeling angry for instance, stress hormones epinephrine and cortisol can make your heart beat faster. Your bronchial tubes are dilated to feed your brain with sufficient oxygen to keep you alert. If you are under too much stress, the cortisol levels rise disrupting your metabolism. Reduce cortisol levels by exercising even if it’s just one hour a day.

There are many hormones in a man’s body that affect physical and emotional feelings

Changing your diet can help too. Tests have been carried out on animals who were fed organic food to stay clear from atrazine, a common pesticide. Atrazine is thought to be the cause of stress hormone levels. Start eating healthy food, organic if possible, to keep you calm and stress free.

Testosterone is from the androgen group and is a steroid hormone. It’s secreted via the testicles of men and found in vertebrates as well as humans. It’s the main sex hormone in men and plays an important role in reproduction, producing body hair, muscle and bones. Levels of testosterone that are above average means men won’t get high blood pressure and are less likely to suffer a heart attack, become obese or think they are unhealthy.  Men who have high testosterone levels in their body are more accident prone. They tend to drink more alcohol than is good for them, smoke and more likely to have had a sexually transmitted infection. Testosterone is very important for boys and men, it helps at puberty where changes occur such as:-

  • Growth of pubic, body and facial hair
  • Voice deepening
  • Muscle and bone building
  • Growth of the testicles and penis
  • Growing taller

The Testosterone test at Home:-

If you’re worried about your testosterone levels, use a home test kit. This will give you the reassurance you need that all is well in your male hormone department. Low levels often mean men are not interested in sex, have poor erections, low sperm count, decreased muscle and bone strength and less energy. High testosterone levels can often affect boys as young as nine at the start of puberty.

There are many hormones in a man’s body that affect physical and emotional feelings. The thyroid hormone becomes less active after a man reaches the age of 60 along with disinterest in sex. Weight can be gained during this period of a man’s life as well as hair loss, memory loss, skin becoming rough and dry and constipation.

Home tests kits you can buy via the net will let you know all about your male hormones. 

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Male Hormone

The primary hormone is usually thought to always be testosterone, however there are several hormones that fluctuate throughout a man’s life and play important roles in various body functions including bone, skin, muscles and metabolism. The three hormones to take note of are:

  • DHEA or Dehydroepiandrosterone  -- the main androgen for both men and women, DHEA is metabolized to form androstenedione and testosterone;
  • Testosterone -- higher levels in males result in increased bone and muscle mass as compared to females
  • Androstenedione -- this compound breaks down into estrogens (estradiol and estrone) and testosterone.

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