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Water Quality

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It’s crucial to everyone that water should be of the highest quality. Quality relates to the health of eco systems, safe drinking water and safety for human contact. It also refers to the physical, radiological, biological and chemical characteristics of water. Whether it’s for industrial or domestic use, water has to be pure and clean. Testing your water quality is advised. Any minerals found in water supplies probably mean the presence of magnesium or calcium. These two can form hard sulfates and soft carbonates in boilers or water heaters, no good for human use.

There are strict water quality rules that are adhered to for drinking water, effluent standards, surface water, coastal water, ground water and fresh water where animals live. Water quality properties include making sure the following are always right:- 

  • Conductivity
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Hardness 
  • Color 
  • Dissolved oxygen 
  • pH
  • Suspended sediment 
  • Turbidity

....test sooner rather than later

Is my water supply safe at home? Many questions may go through your mind about water supplies. Is it OK to drink and what is my household’s water quality? Is there any chance of bacterial getting into my home’s water supply? Your drinking water has to be of high quality, if not it can cause major health issues. Although water does contain minerals and salts, it is generally not harmful. If trace elements and plant nutrients go over the guidelines or standards, water can be dangerous for humans.

The Water Quality test at Home:-

There’s no doubt about it safe water is good for you. It is a well-known fact that you should try and drink approximately eight glasses of water a day to enjoy a healthy life. However, toxins like lead can often be present in drinking water which may cause:- 

  • Short attention span 
  • Learning difficulties for kids
  • Nerve, skin and heart problems
  • Blood vessel damage

Good quality water is also better for your washing machine or in dish water. If water is softened it will save you cash. Soft water will keep your machines in tip top condition, efficient and the opportunity to be able to wash at lower temperatures. Keep scale at bay. Scale can shorten the life of washing machines or dish washers. On the other hand, hard water can also clog faucets.

Why not buy an online home test kit to see if your water supply is the right quality? After all it could affect you and the health of your family with symptoms and conditions such as:- 

  • Upset stomachs 
  • Diarrhea
  • Sickness
  • Bladder infections

If you have any worries about your tap water, for instance the water has a strange taste, test immediately. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Other indications of water problems range from:-

a) Water not smelling too good

b) No lather is made when using it with soap

c) Water leaving scale

You definitely do not want contaminated water in your home or place of work. Do a water quality test sooner rather than later. After all, it’s in your health's best interest.

Water Quality

Have you tested the water quality in your home lately? Water makes up such a huge part of our life and we often take it for granted that we have a healthy water supply. The United States has one of the healthiest water supplies in the world but your home could be affected by old pipes, bacteria, toxic leaks or contaminated wells. There could also be manufacturing nearby that seeps toxic chemicals into the ground channels that lead to your home. Testing your water quality at regular intervals will help you keep an eye on any changes or problems as they occur so you can nip the problem in the bud should you need to. For more reading and help on what to do for the best water quality, check out these great resources and pages.

Environmental Protection Agency: www.water.epa.gov

Home Drinking Water: The Public Health and Safety Organization: www.nsf.org

Water Quality Association: www.wqa.org

Test Your Water Quality at Home: www.hometests.com