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In today's modern living, most homes now have a microwave. They are easy to use and a very convenient cooking option for people on the go. In the last couple of decades microwave ovens have transformed how we cook as well as how we also view food. The question is “are microwaves safe to use and can they be harmful to your health”? Doing a test for microwave leakage is probably one of the last things you think about however it is easy to do and surprising what you may uncover.

When you switch on a microwave your food is being zapped by high frequency waves of heat, sounds awesome. According to many health experts however, using a microwave changes the structure of the food you’re cooking which can affect the human body, not a nice thought. In a number of recent case studies, individuals who have consumed a high level of micro-waved food experienced a decrease in:-

• HDL cholesterol

• Red blood cells count

• Fewer white blood cells

• Weakened immune systems

• Lowering the resistance to bacterial and viral infections

The problems with microwave cooking

Many people use a microwave at home because of the time factor. Hectic lifestyles and the sheer convenience of a microwave is what make them so popular with millions of households worldwide. As you know, microwaving cooks your food at very high temperatures in a short space of time. The problem is, the food you're about to eat will have lost a great deal of nutrients by the time the microwave stops and goes ping. When you consider that many microwaveable foods are processed and in packaging which contains an assortment of chemicals, it's not surprising that your health may be at risk.

Microwavable food shouldn’t be the only concern when using this everyday appliance in your kitchen. Microwave ovens also pose different kinds of health threats, did you know that:- 

  1. Microwave radiation itself can leak out, damaging human cells and tissues 
  2. Over time microwave door seals can age leading to radiation leakage
  3. Any type of radiation leakage can be extremely damaging to you and your family's health.

Have a think about how a microwave cooks food and try to imagine what the same microwave radiation might do to your body. There’s food for thought! The trouble is you can’t see the effects of microwave radiation leakage in your kitchen although over a period of time you may feel weak and tired or nauseous. Microwave radiation can also cause skin cancer, cataracts, temporary disruption of pacemakers, dizziness and headaches.

The Microwave Leakage Test at Home:-

It may not be a pleasant thing to hear but you might need protecting from your microwave in the home. If you have had your microwave oven for around four years or more, it's time to test to see if you need to replace it. Microwave door seals can become damaged with regular use, wear and tear, as well as age. This can quickly result in radiation leakage which is definitely bad for your health.

It's important to know more about home protection from microwave radiation. Health side effects from a microwave can be extremely unhealthy. A microwave leakage test can be used commercially or residentially and has multiple uses until radiation is detected. It is simple to use and shows you what level of radiation is safe.


Microwave Leakage is something that many people don’t really think about in their homes and offices. It may be, however, a problem especially with well used microwaves and models that are getting old and may need replacing. You should check if your microwave has door hinges, latches or seals that may be damaged. There is a lot of research available on how microwave radiation affects the tissue of the human body and what effects this can have on a person’s health. For more reading on these issues and how you can test for microwave leakage in your own home, check out these resources.

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Microwave Leakage Detector at Home: www.hometests.com