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Methylamphetamine labs are on the increase and many people's homes are affected without them even knowing. Besides the heartache of finding out that your new home is contaminated with this drug, these drugs also contain many other dangerous chemicals that can cause chronic and even fatal health problems for both people and animals residing in the home. The smoking and manufacture within a residence can infiltrate the furnishings, possessions and construction of a home. It also gets in to the paint and flooring and can only be detected by doing a test for meth on the house, motel room or place of business. Furniture may need to be discarded in order to protect residents' health.

People who use or make methamphetamines, may leave behind an unseen problem that can cause harm for years to come. You won't know unless you perform a test. Meth residue can and will stay around for years and people who reside or inhabit places where meth was cooked or smoked may have enough in their systems to test positive via a urine test, saliva test or hair test without even knowing it was in their system. A property may look clean and have been repainted or had the carpets cleaned however it may still not be safe from methamphetamine contamination or be safe to live in.

The House Methylamphetamine Test at Home:-

If there has been a meth lab operating or drug use inside your apartment, house or building it could end up costing you money or be adversary and even deadly to you or your family's health. If a property has been contaminated through methamphetamine production or usage, the property will need to be decontaminated.

A methamphetamine residue test for your residence is:

  • Very simple to use
  • Used by wiping the surface
  • Sensitive
  • Performed by a change of color if drugs are detected

Once you have performed a meth test on the house you can organize a professional decontamination or clean up on the house. 


Be aware when purchasing a home that cooking illicit substances using makeshift equipment and a toxic cocktail of chemicals is increasing in normal suburban neighborhoods and your home could have once been base camp for a methamphetamine lab. Methamphetamine gases enter anything porous which is pretty much everything in a house including walls, floors, ceilings and furniture. Once a methamphetamine lab has been in a house, it will need to be cleaned by a company specializing in toxic chemical clean up. Methamphetamine levels left over in houses have been many times the safe limit of breathing these fumes in and have made people extremely sick usually without knowing why. Here is some information on testing your home for meth levels and what you can do if you find out you have a home that has had a meth lab manufacturing drugs in it before.

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