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For many elderly and disabled people having home health equipment will provide them with a better quality of life. If you're getting on in years or have some type of disability, home health care is essential when it comes to supplies and equipment. There's a huge range of medical equipment out there whether it's:-

  •  Mobility aids
  • Bath safety products
  • Home care beds and accessories
  • Mobility scooters and power chairs
  • Manual wheelchairs

eat breakfast or read your favorite newspaper

Mobility care can help to make your home more accessible especially if you use a wheelchair, mobility scooter or power ramp. Why not think about having lifts and ramps installed into your property making getting in and out of the house much easier to do. There are single fold ramps, threshold ramps, platform ramps and external as well as internal lifts for vehicle access.

Getting in and out of the bath can also be a bit of a problem as you get older or if disabled in any way. Let’s face it, there's nothing better than having a relaxing bath to soothe your body, while relieving any aches and pains. There’s lots of home health bath equipment available which can make taking a bath less of a hassle. Cost-effective bath safety products are designed to make the bathroom area more manageable by being able to use:-

  • Bath grab bars
  •  Transfer benches
  •  Bath lifts
  •  Bathroom wheelchairs
  • Shower chairs

Home health bariatric equipment is ideal for supporting additional weight and strength. Bariatric chairs, walkers, scooters, lift chairs, commodes including hospital beds are heavy duty and user friendly. They offer the support that older and disabled people may need from time to time in the home. Even having something like a proper cushion can make your life more comfortable when at home. Home care cushions will provide essential support and prevent soreness for anyone who is seated over a long period of time. Using the right type of cushion for a chair or wheelchair will reduce the risk of developing pressure ulcers and back problems.

Home health equipment is also available to buy in the form of daily living aids. Ideal for daily routine tasks especially if you have arthritis, limited mobility, hand conditions or other ailments which are impeding your independence. You can now perform many everyday chores by yourself with very little help from others when buying:- 

  • Standing aids
  • Reachers
  • Locator aids 
  • Pill organisers 
  • Eating aids 
  • Dressing aids

Why not make full use of and benefit from home health care beds and accessories equipment? Maybe you would like a bed rail to help with standing up, an overbed table so you can eat breakfast or read your favorite newspaper. How about a hospital bed mattress for additional comfort and support in bed or an extra pump and pad support surface? Many older and people with various disabilities have trouble getting around the home. Home health care equipment like canes, walkers, knee walkers or everyday crutches can soon get you on your feet.

Home Health Equipment

Are you a new care giver and need to find new equipment for someone you are caring for? Does the current model need repairing or you just need advice on what will be the best product on the market. For help and news on the latest information on what’s out there in the world of home health equipment, follow the links below and out your mind at ease.

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