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Feeling a little unwell, tired, listless or fatigued? Don’t delay in having a cholesterol test. Having a cholesterol test is very important. Having high levels of cholesterol in your blood can be a major health problem. Cardio-vascular diseases such as heart diseases and strokes are connected with high cholesterol. Too much cholesterol in your body causes fatty deposits known as plaques to build up inside your arteries. Over a period of time this can make arteries narrower, restricting the blood flow to major organs like your heart. The problem is you probably won’t even notice you have high cholesterol; it doesn’t generally cause any symptoms.

There are two types of cholesterol circulating around your body, low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and high-density lipoprotein (HDL). If you have HDL cholesterol levels then the risks of heart disease or a stroke are much less likely to happen. However if LDL cholesterol levels in your blood are too high, it may make fatty deposits in the arteries. This will increase your chances of getting heart disease or having a stroke, so LDL is often referred to as “bad cholesterol”. Why should you have a cholesterol test? If you have problems with blood circulation, you might have LDL cholesterol levels.

..try to replace your diet with foods containing unsaturated fats

There are many reasons why having a cholesterol test is so important

  • Individuals who are overweight and over the age of 40 commonly have too much cholesterol 
  • If high cholesterol is in your family history or you may already have been diagnosed with heart disease 
  • Yellow patches around your eyes or on the skin, called xanthoma, may be from high cholesterol 
  • People with Type 2 diabetes should also be tested for cholesterol

Ways to combat high cholesterol

The good news is there are ways to combat high cholesterol. This can include:-

  •  Eating the right type of food
  •  Doing more exercise
  •  Stop smoking
  •  Not drinking alcohol to excess

Aim at eating a diet that’s low in saturated fat. The bad news is many foods that we like are unfortunately high in saturated fat particularly red meat, cakes, pastries and biscuits. Trans-fats which also contribute to high cholesterol can be found in processed foods, so read the labels before buying. Yes it’s a bit boring, but try to replace your diet with foods containing unsaturated fats like nuts, fish, fruit and meals cooked in olive oil. The benefits of cholesterol home test kits. You don’t have to go to the doctors or a health clinic to have your cholesterol levels tested.

The Cholesterol Test at Home:-

Affordable cholesterol home tests kits are now available to buy online.


a) Are a convenient and effective way to test your cholesterol level

b) Allow you to monitor your cholesterol

c) Include step by step instructions, a lancet for drawing blood and test strips

d) Contain a color chart for instant results

You won’t have to wait around for a couple of days or even weeks for your cholesterol results. Easy to use home cholesterol test kits, can give you results in a matter of minutes.


Cholesterol is a vital part of our body’s processes. Having the right amount of good cholesterol and reducing bad cholesterol can take a lifestyle change or even just some small tweaks and swaps. If you have high levels of cholesterol or think you may have a problem, doing a cholesterol test is easy. You could find out in no time and then be on your way to a healthier you. For information on how to do this and where to start, check out some of these resources and links.

Confused about Cholesterol? Check this out: www.heart.org

Cholesterol testing: www.hometests.com