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Heart Health Testing

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Looking after your heart is very important. Heart related health issues such as cholesterol, blood pressure and coronary heart disease shouldn't be ignored. You should have regular tests done for these conditions if you are at risk. Heart disease is still the number one killer for men and women in the US and number one for men in the UK. You might be surprised at these statistics; the fact is, many people in the US, the UK and elsewhere are slow to seek help when symptoms arise.

Let's face it, when someone is gripped by a sudden chest pain they will quickly call the emergency services. The thing is heart health symptoms aren't always as intense or as obvious as severe chest pains. It can be a big mistake to ignore heart health warning signs so it's essential to monitor, with the help of home testing kits, the condition of your:-

  • Body’s cholesterol levels
  • Blood pressure levels 
  • Coronary heart disease levels

...try to have a regular exercise routine whether in a gym, fitness center or at home.

The more risk factors you have, the higher the likelihood of heart health problems arising. People often don't want to admit they are old enough or sick enough to have heart trouble. Men especially are much more reluctant to discuss the possibility of having a dodgy ticker, it’s not macho. Finding out the causes of any heart health issues or putting off treatment could lead to an irreversible situation, one that may be deadly. Heart health symptoms not to ignore If you're not feeling right and are worried about your heart, there are numerous symptoms to look out for such as:-

  • Anxiety - a heart attack can be attributed to intense anxiety or even a fear of death
  • Chest discomfort - pain in the chest is a classic symptom of health problems with the heart.
  • Persistent coughing - persistent coughing or wheezing can also be the symptom of the heart struggling to function.
  • Dizziness and fatigue - if heart rhythm is abnormal or you are constantly fatigued, get yourself checked out using affordable home test kits
  • Nausea or lack of appetite - nausea or lack of appetite are sometimes associated with heart health scares
  • Shortness of breath and sweating - if you have problems with shortness of breath and sweating, you may have heart health concerns.

Tips for a healthy heart

If you look after your heart, the heart will look after you. Check out the following tips for a healthy heart to help keep high cholesterol, high blood pressure and coronary heart disease problems at bay.

  • Quit smoking today - After quitting smoking your risk from heart health scares will be half that of a smoker.
  • Improve your diet- try to include wholegrain cereals, fruit, vegetables, seeds and nuts. Switch your chocolate from milk to dark. When eating in moderation, dark chocolate is good for your heart.
  • Eat more fish - eating fish like tuna, sardines and salmon are good for you. They are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and will help to boost your cholesterol levels. Avoid salty and high sodium foods and don’t add salt when preparing or eating your meals.
  • Exercise regularly - try to have a regular exercise routine whether in a gym, fitness center or at home. Even a 30 minute brisk walk a day can reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • Limit your alcohol intake - reducing the amount of booze you drink will help to keep your heart and body in good shape. Enjoy alcohol but know your limit.

The Heart Health Tests at Home:-

Do a test: Any worries about heart health can be identified by using home test kits. Low cost heart test kits can now be bought online. They are easy to use in the privacy of your own home.

Heart Health Testing

The heart is sometimes called our other brain as it is central to all other systems of our body. A healthy heart is of utmost importance and heart disease affects both men and women and is the leading cause of death for both sexes. Good nutrition and exercise keep your heart healthy and strong. Putting pressure on this major organ leads to all types of conditions and illnesses related to the heart. To get back to basics and read about heart health and things you can do to look after yours, check out some of the following information.  

Nutrition for your Heart: American Heart Association: www.heart.org

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