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Are you the father? What can a paternity test tell you? Paternity is defined as the biological or legal relationship of a child to its biological father. Some couples divorce or legally separate, often creating an unsure life for their child. It’s very important for a child to know who his or her real father is. If you have any disputes surrounding this issue, a paternity testing kit can be used to resolve the situation.

This will result in knowing whether dad is in fact the biological father. 

A man who isn’t sure if a child is really his can benefit enormously from home test kits. Some women who have had sex with many men also may be unsure who the father is. It is important to establish paternity not only from the moment the child is born, but so he or she knows exactly who their father is. There are many reasons to make sure the father is known. Here are a few:-

  • To make sure the child has a right to a father-child relationship
  • To add the father’s name to his or her birth certificate
  • To enable access to medical information
  • Secure any benefits due to the child like medical or financial support and inheritance
  • To protect the parent’s rights.

When the parents of any child are married to each other when the baby was born, the father is called the alleged father. This means he is not legally the father until paternity has been established so will be unable to put his name on the birth certificate of the child.

The Paternity Test Kit at Home:-

Use a paternity test kit to test the genetics that compares DNA of a mother, child and the father. This will result in knowing whether someone is actually the biological father. A paternity home testing kit is very straightforward to use. Just take a cheek swab or finger prick and send it off to the lab. Don’t worry, you can carry out the test at home. No one will get to know your private business which is one of the many advantages of buying a paternity test kit. There is now no need to visit a clinic or a doctor for a paternity test.

Features include:-

  • The price of the kit includes swabs for collecting samples.
  • If it's a laboratory tested, there is also a mailer for sending samples to the lab and all testing is carried out within a few hours of delivery to the lab.

He Said She Said... "There are things known and things unknown and in between are the doors." Jim Morrison


Paternity tests are becoming less invasive all the time and are able to be done as early as the 7th and 8th week of pregnancy. Finding out who the biological father of a baby, child or adult is done for numerous reasons and here is some more information to help guide you on the best way forward for your reason.

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