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Gender Prediction

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"What are little boys made of? Snips and snails and puppy-dogs' tails, that's what little boys are made of. What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice and everything nice, that's what little girls are made of". Some expectant parents like to know the gender of their unborn baby. It can help to know if you’re having a boy or girl in order to decorate the baby’s nursery in the appropriate color. Should I choose blue or pink? This is a question you might ask yourself before the birth so you can buy the right clothes, furniture and accessories and now you can find the answer with a simple gender test!

Many prospective parents like to have the element of surprise, i.e. not knowing whether their child is a boy or girl. However if you prefer to know beforehand, there are gender prediction tests you can buy online. Alternatively an amniocentesis test can be carried out by doctors at the hospital of your confinement, but although painless, this isn’t such a pleasant experience.

Share the good news quickly so friends, relations and colleagues know which color baby clothes to buy for the new addition.

 There are many old wives’ tales regarding the sex of an unborn baby like:-

  • If your tummy looks low, then it’s a boy, if it is high, it’s a girl.
  • Has your hair become dull and thin? It’s a girl. If your crowning glory is glossy and gorgeous, it’s a boy.
  • Attach a piece of string to your wedding ring and holding it over your bump. If the ring moves in a circle you’ll have a boy, if it moves sideways like a pendulum you could have a girl.

The Gender Test at Home:-

All of these myths are fun to read about. Give them a try for some fun but if you really want to know which sex your baby is, how about buying a home gender prediction test online? It is designed to be easy to use by expectant parents. A simple urine test is all it takes with results in a little over ten minutes.

Gender home tests have proven to be over 90% accurate so you will soon know whether your bump is a boy or girl. Satisfy your curiosity by using a first morning urine sample on the test kit that has a mix of chemicals. These chemicals react with your hormones in the urine to show you the gender of the baby.

Just follow the step by step instructions in the kit, leave for the suggested amount of time and hey presto, there are the results. Share the good news quickly so friends, relations and colleagues know which color baby clothes to buy for the new addition.

You can definitely benefit from knowing whether it’s a boy or girl. For instance:-

  • You will be able to decide on a name which can then be included in the nursery, say on a plaque on the wall.
  • If you have a child or children already, they can get used to calling your bump by its name. This will prepare them for the new arrival.
  • Parents can bond with the baby by giving it a name.
  • You can buy the appropriate toys for a girl or boy and let everyone know so they have a good idea regarding gifts in advance of the birth.


Gender Prediction

It’s not just the old wives’ tales you hear about or the gender prediction tests on the market that you can buy on the web that you need to read about. There is also a multitude of information on ultrasounds to see what the sex of your baby is and also what the different scans you have are for throughout the pregnancy. For more of this information and more, click on the links and resources below. 

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