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D4D (general screening)

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Have you ever watched a criminal show and watched them spray evidence or wipe something for traces of evidence? Well now you can be your own detective and see if there is any residue of drugs left on any surface. Detect four Drugs yet allows you to test for different surface drugs in one test! The D4 comes in a 100-test size canister and can detect and identify 4 drugs from one wipe of a surface. Just wipe with the special test paper and then spray the sample and the following results will tell you the corresponding drug.


  • Meth-amphetamines, orange stains
  • Hashish or Marijuana, reddish brown stains
  • Heroin, purple gray stains
  • Amphetamine, canary-yellow stains



These tests are the newest generation of hand-held colorimetric drug detection

D4D tests for:-

Coca-Test is a field test reagent for the detection and identification of cocaine and crack. It uses a reagent called Cobalt Thiocyanate (Scott) reagent that has been designed to lower the amount of false positives while removing hydrochloric acid which is a hazardous chemical. These reagents have been placed in a system that delivers via an aerosol. It measures levels of drug residue under ten micrograms.

Herosol is a spray test which detects china white, brown tar heroin and other designer heroin related narcotics.  It is sensitive as it measures levels of drug residue under ten micrograms.

Meth-Test is an aerosol drug test detecting meth-amphetamine and related drugs. Meth-test has a modified Simon reagent in it and is designed to lower the number of false positives. 

Barbitu-Sol is one of the newest spray tests. It shows Barbiturates at levels as low as 10 micrograms. This is a one step test with rapid results where you only have to wipe to collect any residue and then spray for results. Observe for a pink reaction on a blue background as a positive test.

With all of these aerosol tests, a color reaction should appear within 30 seconds or the test is a negative or invalid reading and the paper should be discarded.

The D4 Test at Home:-

Use the surface drug detection kit D4D different articles and items such as:


  • Computer keyboards
  • credit cards
  • clothing
  • liquids


All of these can be tested simple with one wipe of the surface to collect the sample and then spraying the paper.  The liquid reacts with the paper and a result should appear in seconds. Each pack contains two individual tests which can identify and detect both trace and large quantities of illicit drugs. The fact that you do not need to see the in order to detect its presence is a great advantage of these tests. Aerosols are easy to use and the fastest presumptive drug tests on the market and are inexpensive and easy-to-handle.

D4D (general screening)

Drug handling, drug use or trafficking leaves traces of drugs on building surfaces. There are new aerosol and wipe methods that can test surfaces for these drugs. Used by professionals in many different environments, they are said to detect even minute traces of drug specimens. These tests are highly established rapid tests. Some aerosols are also available to the everyday consumer who is worried about someone they love using drug. If you have a drug problem or wish to help someone you love, here are some helplines and resources below.

National Helpline: Get Help: www.samhsa.gov Call 1-800-662-HELP (4357)

Partnership for Drug-Free Kids: www.drugfree.org Helpline: 1855 DRUG FREE (1-855-378-4373)

National Institute on Drug Abuse: www.drugabuse.gov

Drug Enforcement Association: www.dea.gov